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Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat (by TheTimeTheSpace)

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Ursula by wabea

Daily Disney (by Express Monorail)

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Pirates of the Caribbean - Ride (1967) vs. Film (2003)

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“Disney Paint the Night”, a first ever fully LED parade created by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, is a state-of-the-art, vibrant wonder that immerses many of our classic Disney and Pixar stories in magical, luminescent worlds. Disney Paint the Night features seven original floats containing over 740,000 individual lights. This fantastical parade will bring to life guests’ favorite Disney and Disney∙Pixar stories in unexpected and thrilling ways, illuminating the whole parade route every night.

“Disney Paint the Night” is composed of seven units of creative floats including Tinker Bell Opening Unit, Monsters Inc. Unit, Cars Unit, The Little Mermaid Unit, Belle Candlelight Unit, Toy Story Unit, Mickey & Friends Finale Unit. In this all new technologically advanced parade, Mickey is going to “paint the night” in dazzling Disney dreams of light, and with the scintillating powers of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Mickey and his friends create fantastic visions, which come to “light” the streets of Hong Kong Disneyland. The parade features many beloved Disney and Disney·Pixar characters, and for the first time, we have invited Lightning McQueen, Sulley and Mike to join the parade at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Sources:  Hong Kong Disneyland News, Disney Magical Kingdom Blog

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You can fly!

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Blaine proposing to Disney Princesses plus Gaston

He proposed to gaston though lmfao!

This is the best thing ever!!! can he propose to me <3

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