Disney Parks Safety Tips

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I really need this animated. It made me remember of that old Timon & Pumbaa tv series.

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the evil queen blowing cruella away x


So sassy

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Everyone’s got groove, even Cogsworth!


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First look at Pixar’s Lava (x*o*

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Hercules (1997) *o*

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Doom Buggy

Doom Buggy is the show name for Disney’s OmniMover system. It was initially developed for the “Adventures in Inner Space” attraction by a team led by Bob Gurr.

The cars, linked together, move forward via a 12-volt electric drive train. The vehicles themselves have no means of locomotion. They are driven by a series of ten motors located throughout the ride.

Each car can also be rotated 180 degrees—from facing forward to facing backward. This rotation, combined with scalloped design of the car, allows the designers to control what the guests see at any given time.

Each car is also equipped with 3 speakers.

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion has 131 cars, with a typical capacity of approximately 2,400 guests per hour.

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